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The rich sweet and tart characteristics of fresh blackberries with warm, spicy ginger make this balsamic vinegar a stand out on any menu. Use as a marinade on chicken breast for a Glazed Balsamic Chicken entrée with just the right twist.
This balsamic from Modena, Italy has a great blueberry aroma, crisp, tart flavor with a subtle sweetness. This unique balsamic is great for dressings, dessert sauce, or marinade for your steaks and pork.
The rich full-bodied, nutty, semi-sweet flavor of fresh fig enhances and deepens this naturally intense balsamic vinegar. Outstanding as a marinade or for salad dressings. Perfect for wild game and meats.
Enjoy a velvety-smooth chocolate with less calories.  It is great for dipping strawberries, drizzling over berries, bananas, or as a topping over ice cream.  Chocolate balsamic vinegar pairs well with chipotle, jalapeno EVOOs, and raspberry and zesty lemon Balsamics.
Our outrageously delicious White Balsamic Vinegar with the tropical flavor of coconut. A natural for fresh fruit platters, drizzled over delicate white fish, poured over sorbet/ice cream, on garden salads, marinades and sauces.
Sweet refreshing pear with a touch of tangy cranberry tartness combines to create a flavor sensation you don't want to miss. Add it to your salad dressings, pour it on fresh fruit or top it off on yogurt. Great as a glaze for pork roast, too.
Cilantro is a bright, pungent herb used in Asian, Mexican and Indian cooking. We've paired it classic garlic and the result is one awesome balsamic vinegar you'll want to keep in the front of your pantry.
Escape to a tropical paradise with this amazingly sweet crisp balsamic infused with sweet ripe pineapple. It is especially flavorful with salads, fruits, chicken, and grilled meat. Try it on ice cream!
Our Jalapeno & Lime White Balsamic brings a unique flavor perfect for casual barbeque dinners or fine dining. Either way, a sure winner. Use it as a dipping sauce or a baste for broiled chicken breasts. We highly recommend it as a secret ingredient in your next margarita Ole!
Bursting with sweetness and folklore, let our Mango Balsamic transport you to a "food lovers" paradise. Wonderful on fresh salads!
The warm, life-like taste of freshly made pecan pralines forms a match made in heaven with our delicious 25 star balsamic vinegar of modena. Your customers will adore this one!
A symbol of health, pomegranate has antioxidants reported to help prevent cardiac disease and cancer. Pomegranate flavors make it slightly sweet, slightly tart! Try it on salads, desserts, sauces and marinades!
A superior balsamic vinegar, with a rich color and a slightly woody bouquet, aged 12+ years and reduced to a density that clings to foods. This balsamic goes especially well with fresh fruits, vegetables and meats.
Bring this Balsamic Vinegar to the table to spice up hot tea or coffee, add it to the bar for a Pumpkin Martini, pour it over ice cream in a blender for the perfect Pumpkin Milkshake, drizzle it on pancakes or use it to top off oatmeal.
Deliciously sweet raspberry flavors pair amazingly well with our aged balsamic vinegar. This fruity indulgence can be used with your favorite cheeses, and even deserts.

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10 am — 5 pm

James Brozo

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